Marcus Vinicius Ximenes

Software Engineer / Web Developer

Visual Studio Logo

Proficient .Net Developer

Over 8 years of experience in software development using Microsoft developing tools and languages. Fluent with C# and VB.Net. Have worked with almost all modern .NET and Visual Studio technologies, including ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, WCF, Windows Forms, SignalR, Windows Services and Web.API.

Passion for Web Development

Deep knowledge of Javascript, CSS, HTML and Web Standards. Experience with many popular JS frameworks and libraries, especially jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Sencha EXT, Mustache, Handlebars, among others.

Database Knowledge

Experience writing complex queries, stored procedures, views, triggers, functions and administration with the relational databases SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, Postgre and also familiarity with NoSql databases, specially MongoDB and db4o.